It’s a cloudless day today!
Beautiful Sunday! ビューティフル・サンデー – Seiji Tanaka 田中星児
This is a japanese classic hits.

I cleaned my studio with a vacuum.
The market area had a vibrant feel to it.
Salty Lemon 瀬戸内産 塩レモン
Salty Lemon 瀬戸内産 塩レモン
This is an all-purpose seasoning for various food/meals.
I bought it at Quarity Foods Lapin.
This supermarket has a great selection.
Drinking fluids and taking salt are critical for preventing heatstroke.

塩レモン この塩とレモンの味わいがとっても良い♪

Salty Lemon 瀬戸内産 塩レモン
Today’s snack is French Papiro(七尾製菓).
I like it.yum-yum.