It’s really coming down today.
I drank a cup of coffee for the first time in a week.
I’ve lately refrained to drink coffee and milk.
I watched NHK-BSP 池澤夏樹と世界の果て「パタゴニア 冒険の旅」.
I enjoyed studying and watching Pablo Picasso and TARO OKAMOTO.
I found the relationship between two great artists very interesting.
For two great artists, Existence of Paul Cézanne is very important.
I made simmered pumpkin.
I usually have miso soup.
It’s a Japanese traditional soup made from soybean paste.
Ingredients for miso soup vary from day to day.
Usually tofu and seasonal vegetables.
I made dashi from this.

カクサ 初代乾屋 国産魚介 金のだしパック 96g×1個【家飲み】