It’s a peaceful morning.

I slept well last night.
I feel good.

I watched BS-TBS ドキュメントJ
「この地球(ほし)の時間(いま)を歩く~写真家 石川直樹~」.

I received a Chimaki from my neighborhood.
That was absolutely delicious!

steamed rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves
steamed rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves

I made ketchup fried rice for lunch.
Today’s ingredients were bacon,onion,egg,green pepper,shimeji mushroom.
I used green pepper from my garden.
The vegetables harvested by myself are excellent.

I drank a cpu of coffee for the first time in a week.
I’ve lately refrained drinking coffee and milk.

Today’s snack is KIND Bar Nuts & Spices Caramel Almond & Sea Salt.

I went to SGT and I bought this vinyl.
I talked with the master of SGT about THE BEATLES’s sound.
Sexy Boy – AIR

Saturday night!
I listened to The SESSION 2020(NHK-FM)
Yosuke Inoue Trio
Taro – 1969Quintet

This work is Taro Okamoto tribute album.
Japanese Jazz label Days of Delight
Founder,Producer:Akiomi Hirano