It’s cloudy this morning.
It’s a peaceful morning.
Finally, it’s getting cooler.

A new week has started.
Let’s have a great weekend.

I watched NHK-BSP.
激走!シルクロード 104日の旅(2013)
(1)「トルコ 豊じょうの大地を行く」
(2)「イラン 知られざる素顔に出会う」
(3)「中央アジア オアシス都市を巡る」
(4)「キルギス 天空の遊牧民を訪ねる」
(5)「中国 はるかなる長安をめざす」
Every time I watch this program, it’s as enjoyable as the first time!

I had a sirloin steak for lunch.

Today’s snack is Loacker Quadratini.

I got lots of work done this month.
Thank you for your continued cooperation.