It’s cloudy tnis morning.
It’s so hot and humid today too.

I made simmered pumpkin and fried ginger pork for lunch.

I watched NHK-BSP.
激走!シルクロード 104日の旅(1)
「トルコ 豊じょうの大地を行く」』
This tv show is intriguing after all.
No matter how many times I watch it, I feel like I’m traveling in Silk Road.

I went for a drive to the mall for a change.


It’s cloudy this morning.
It looks like it will be so hot and humid today.

I cleaned and organized my studio in the morning.
I sweated a lot.

Let’s have a great weekend!

I made fried rice for lunch.

I went for a drive to the book store for a change in the afternoon.

I got lots of work done today.
Thank you for your cooperation.


It’s cloudy this morning.
It’s a peaceful morning.

I slept well last night.
I feel fine.

I went to the supermarket in the morning.
There were many people today.

I saw many people fishing at the riverbed.
It was a perfect day for outdoor today.

I went for a walk at KIYOMIZU temple.
I recorded frogs croaking.