It’s a peaceful morning.

A new month has started.
I’ll do my best until the end of the month.

I made boiled squid and simmered pumpkin for lunch.

boiled squid
boiled squid

simmered pumpkin
simmered pumpkin

I went to SGPPER’S for a change.
I bought this vinyl.
TUG OF WAR – Paul McCartney (1982)

I watched the movie.
女王陛下の007 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service』(1969)
This is the 6th 007 film.

Today’s snack is 抹茶&ほうじ茶クリームスコーン(Starbucks).


I watched S/U/P/E/R DOMMUNE.

I got lots of work done today.
Thank you for your help.